Rodents love to chew on car parts, use No-Ratz to stop them

Catching the rodents in the act of destroying your car

Why do rodents chew on engine electrical parts?

Rodents such as mice, rats, and chipmunks have a natural instinct to chew on objects. Unfortunately, this instinct can lead them to cause damage to your car's engine electrical parts. They are attracted to the warmth and darkness under the hood, making it an ideal nesting place for them. The air filter compartment and other hidden areas provide them with a cozy spot to build their nests. 

There have been cases where the engine was totaled when a hapless rodent got sucked into the engine after having nested in the air intake manifold!

Other cases spark plug wires get chewed, engine control wires get stripped and used for nest, you name it, it all costs money and frustration and it happens more than you may think in all types of locations and settings.

Introducing No-Ratz™: The Solution to Rodent Damage

No-Ratz™ is a revolutionary product designed to protect your car from rodent damage. It is a safe and effective way to deter rodents from chewing on your engine electrical parts. No-Ratz™ is specifically formulated to be irresistible to rodents, attracting them away from your car's sensitive components.

How does No-Ratz™ work?

No-Ratz™ contains a unique blend of ingredients that rodents find enticing. Once they come into contact with No-Ratz™, they are drawn to consume it. However, No-Ratz™ is designed to be lethal to rodents, causing them to expire before they have the chance to cause any damage to your car's engine and electrical system.

Protecting your car with No-Ratz™

By placing No-Ratz™ under the hood of your car, you can significantly reduce the risk of expensive damage caused by rodents. It is especially useful if you plan to store your car in areas with known rodent activity. The photo below shows an actual vehicle with No-Ratz™ placed over the battery, with the hood closed to provide maximum protection.

Use No-Ratz™ to eliminate mice, rats, and other rodents who love to nest and chew on engine parts.

The above photo is an actual case where the rodent decided to take up residence under the hood of an old Ford E350 van parked by the side of the house for only a few days. 

The owner was very glad when they popped the hood to find no wires chewed, just a splatter of No-Ratz around the baiting station as the rodent continued to feast on it and then disappeared, assumed dead, long before they even had the chance to do any damage.

Rest assured, No-Ratz™ is safe for pets and humans. Even if it is accidentally spilled or found by them, it poses no harm.


Don't let rodents wreak havoc on your car's engine electrical system. With No-Ratz™, you can protect your vehicle from costly repairs and ensure its longevity. Say goodbye to rodent damage and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your car is safeguarded with No-Ratz™.

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