Eureka it works.


In the Summer of 2020 our eureka moment finally arrived quite unexpectedly after numerous experiments had failed to solve our big rodent issue.  We had been experimenting with a solution since the Summer of 2014 and everything had failed.

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In 2014 we had acquired a large piece of country property high in the Rocky Mountains to be home and business for our newly found company Johnster Inc.  But we soon discovered a big issue to deal with!  The packrats and mice were running amuck in the entire valley invading homes and buildings, chewing on everything in sight and leaving their "business cards" every night for the residents before they left.  We were getting our share of the carnage and it was devastating. 

We did not want to use toxic rodenticides even though it was legal in and around our property.  Toxic rodenticides kill more than just rodents.  They go up the food chain to impact many species of wildlife.  

 We tried many alternatives including rodent zappers, even motion activated lights to scare them off.  I even developed a special box that looked like a hole in the wall to rule the little bandits in with a food bait where they could be quickly and safely electrocuted and then dropped into a disposal bin.  This worked for the first rodent caught and the other rats just ignored it after that.

We even tried the old-style rat traps and mouse traps with much effort and only limited success.  They were messy and never really got rid of the critters. After a few of the rats were caught the rest would just take the bait and not get caught!  As for the mice, the daily supply of them never seemed to run out throughout the season as more got caught, more would arrive to take their place.

This went on for four years until finally the eureka moment arrived:

One morning I looked for signs of rodents and they were all gone, not a single one was left!  A simple solution using a natural recipe, no poison baits, no mess, no removal of dead rodents was waiting for me to discover all this time.  Our problems are gone.

Our goal in sharing this data is to help you gain confidence regarding the purchase of a tried and true and effective product for ridding your residence and place of business from nuisance rodents while not harming the environment. 

The detail findings are listed in our rodenticide efficacy data sheet.  

I am confident after using our product you will also be glad you no longer have to deal with costly exterminator services or the never-ending battle with nuisance mice and rats on your turf. 

Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!