Why No-Ratz™?

No-ratz has all the benefits of traditional rodenticides without the toxic side effects

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In this article we help you find out how No-Ratz™  is used in preference over old school approaches of using toxic chemicals or less effective non toxic approaches.

 We know you have a large selection of products available and deciding on which one to use can be rather daunting.  We will try in simple terms to explain why our product works extremely well and why you should buy it to prove this for yourself:

  • We had to deal with pesky rodents for years and tried everything until we came up with this product.  You can find a little blurb about that story here.
  • The product is child safe, your kids can eat this stuff and it will not harm them, it is all food based ingredients?
  • Your pets may love to eat it too leaving little for the critters you want to eliminate but it will not hurt them, it has no poisons or gluten to make them sick at all.
  • We believe it is time to start making as many products as possible by as many manufacturers here in the USA.  That is why our product is made in America supporting the American workers and the little community we are based in here in Colorado  
  • We are honest, we show you the results, we stand by our product, it works and we have tested some that do not work.  We have a link on our research where you can see our test results for yourself in the same research page.

Rats and mice create an estimated $20 billion in damages per year in the United States. This includes damage to homes, businesses, and agriculture. Rodents can cause damage by chewing on structures, electrical wires, and food.

There is 5 billion dollars spent annually on rodenticides (as of 2023) to limit the impact.  We believe you can cut the costs and improve the benefits using our product and also reduce the environmental impact of toxic chemicals.

Living Spaces

Imagine a clean space with a place for everything and everything in its place. Then imagine a place free of rodents and toxic pesticides. Imagine No-Ratz™ You no longer have to worry for your pets and children around a rodenticide because our product does not harm them.

Eliminate the threat

Keep rodents out of the kitchen area without the treat of toxic rodenticides

Rodents can spread diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, and leptospirosis. These diseases can be serious and even fatal to humans especially in the kitchen area where food is prepared and stored.


  • Contains no toxins
  • Is safe in close proximity to foods
  • Is child and pet safe
  • Quickly attracts, then eliminates any mice or rats present in just a few days.

Food Processing and Restaurants

Plants and business locations where food is prepared, stored, or manufactured are especially vulnerable to both rodents and toxic rodenticides.  That is why the use of our product is so essential to manufacturing, warehousing, and restaurants.  With our product rodents are first attracted to readily available baits placed in strategic locations where they can stay for days or even months just in case any rodents infiltrate the premises to do damage.

Storage Facilities and Warehouses

Protect your warehoused items from rodent damage without the overhead created by managing rules and regulations related to storing and using toxic chemicals.  Our product is completely toxin free and can be placed by your employees without special training related to handling toxic chemicals.  Just check periodically and replenish as needed to keep your facilities clean and clear of rodent activity.


Many product advantages with no down side is yours when you purchase No-Ratz
  • Transform your space into a pristine, pest-free sanctuary with our tried and true rodent control product.
  • You can conveniently access and receive your order without delay through our efficient online platform.
  • With a remarkable shelf life of over two years, you won't have to worry about expiration dates anytime soon.
  • Unlock significant savings with volume discounts!
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends regarding the use of non-toxic rodenticides to effectively rid your home or business of pesky rodents.

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