The biggest shock of buying remote land

The biggest shock of buying remote land

Bought an off-grid 40-acre property that met all the criteria my wife and I had come up with. Seasonal spring, remote location, forested Blue Spruce and Aspen and an hour away from town at higher elevations. We were very excited about starting to build our off-grid cabin there right away.

During the first get together with the neighbors they told my wife there is a huge packrat problem and described in detail how they could hear them thumping around at night. One lady mentioned her husband would shoot them with a 22 handgun at night. Another explained stalking and BB gun shooting techniques with me.

We rented one of the cabins close to us in the same subdivision to start building and I personally found out all those things were true. They would leave their little signs overnight in the kitchen, on the floor, around the sugar bowl.  I would wake up to their thumping noises at night.  I decided to setup a game camera on the bedroom floor and found them crawling out of cracks around the chimney pipe and running around

No one had figured out what to do with them. Sad to say some were using nasty professional grade poisons only to have them come around again and again. It turned our dream to a nightmare.

I tried everything from zappers to mechanical traps to water buckets and nothing would work. In the meantime, we were staying and building our off-grid cabin as time allowed. Then I came across a recipe that changed everything. We literally got rid of all of them without harming the environment in just three to four days. The mice, the rats, everything, gone and have been gone for the third year in a row while my neighbors are still doing shooting practice on them or using my recipe to immediately get rid of them.

This is a real story of our life, and I am so glad we solved this issue once and for all that I decided to sell it online to free many others like me from the horrors of having to live and tolerate rats and mice.

What is somewhat surprising is the number of neighbors to still refuse to even try it even though I offer it to them for free! They insist they know better and deal with the consequences of living with rodents all the time.

My product is online and you can buy it at a fraction of the cost of having to deal with them on an ongoing basis or using poisons that harm the environment. I offer it with a satisfaction guarantee in 11 states listed there and plan to expand to all other states.

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