The Ultimate Fall Rodent Detox

The Ultimate Fall Rodent Detox

Living in the remote areas of the Colorado Rockies has its big benefits such as being close to nature and living off grid.  However it is also well known to be a favorite place for packrats. We also get the usual dose of field mice that love to find a way into our home if they can find a way. This is a big problem to all the residents in our section of the valley but not to us because we have found the way to keep them out and far away. This article explains how we did it again successfully this Fall. If you're tired of dealing with packrats and field mice invading your home, we have the solution for you.


Rodents start seeking warmer places in fall, especially in northern climates. Your home is a perfect cozy spot, even if it's clean. They can bring their own food once they settle in.  One neighbor once found a large stash of edible mushrooms tucked away in a woodpile by their home.  Another neighbor found a stash of fiberglass insulation and grass making up a nice little nest for the winter in their wall.

This Fall we have already received our first uninvited visitors on our front and back porch.  In the below photo of the back porch you can see they chewed on the door mat (green oval), left their business cards for us for us overnight (red ovals) and added some urine for good measure (yellow)

First sign of packrat arrival in late summer, this year they came earlier to prepare for the colder weather ahead.

On the same night they had also left us with some signs in the front porch about their arrival as can be seen with the below photo:

Front porch photos showing the same packrat arrival signs as the back porch in preparation for a colder season.

We have rodent proofed our off-grid home using the instructions covered in a previous BLOG.  That is why we have never had any mice or rats manage to get inside for years since it was built.  However seeing them show up in large numbers as we often do this time of the year will only lead to problems including them running in the house if we leave the door open! Also the health hazards associated with stepping on their feces and carrying possible disease into the house.  It only gets progressively worst unless we deal with it right away.

Fortunately for us, this annual ritual only lasts a few days and ends soon after we use No-Ratz to rid our immediate living spaces from mice and rats.  After noticing the first signs of rodent arrival we place the product in the area showing rodent activity.   

Prepare No-Ratz by opening the container and placing the bait as directed for rodents to notice and consume.

In just one day the rodents took notice and began feasting on No-Ratz.  The below photo from our security camera back porch shows they were so excited about it they not only consumed it but tipped some of it out when they were feeding.  

The other photo from the front porch shows the No-Ratz™ is completely gone and the lid moved around as they were busy taking the last remaining bits of the bait from the baiting station lid.


We have triumphed over the lurking packrats in our living areas, providing relief until next year. We will guarantee our home remains free from any more unwanted guests if they ever dare to return. Thrilled that we don't need toxic substances or ineffective rat traps.

Experience the transformative power of this product and say goodbye to your rodent issues. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back!


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