How does it work?

All Natural Child, Pet, Wildlife Safe Ingredients

Nature has a simpler, more effective way of helping us solve our biggest issues compared to manmade chemicals. Despite being natural, it's often wrongly dismissed as ineffective.

Unlike No-Ratz, familiar brands of rat and mice poison are toxic to other species in the food chain such as birds of prey, cougars, bobcats and even pets that may eat them. Rats and mice are also developing resistance to toxic ingredients making them increasingly less effective on rodents but still harmful to children, pets, and wildlife.

No-Ratz is the outcome of extensive development at our site through various approaches and recipes. We solely rely on this product to effectively eliminate rodents due to its proven efficiency and simplicity.  We have seen it work far better than any toxic or natural rodenticides.

How does it work?

  • The proprietary blend of ingredients is all natural, non-gluten based safe for both humans and animals. Our secret recipe works synergistically together to create an effective and irresistible bait.
    • Active ingredient:  Dehydrated mashed potatoes, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride  
    • Inert Ingredient: sucrose
  • Mode of action: The proprietary ingredients target only rodent gastrointestinal systems. This causes the rodent to humanely experience gastrointestinal distress leading to death in a few days. The ingredients are food based and not harmful to other animals, such as birds of prey, coyotes, bears, and cougars, because their gastrointestinal systems work differently than those of rodents.  Compare this with toxic rodenticides that use poisons. 
  • Effectiveness: The proprietary ingredients have been tested for two years at our facility on actual pest rats and mice. We do not use lab animals for our tests but eliminate rodents in the wild that threaten to damage our facilities. During a dozen tests over a period of two years, the ingredients were found to be completely effective in exterminating the rodents after only a few days of ingestion. Unlike other products on the market today, the rats and mice are not alarmed after initial feeding with and continued to return nightly for feeding leading to extermination. Tests showed 100% eradication; rodents were nowhere to be found after three days of feasting on our product in every test run conducted to date.
As a control test, other natural nontoxic off the shelf rodenticides was presented; rats and mice and they were not effective.  Rodents only consumed No-Ratz™ until they were exterminated. They did not touch the other control test all-natural product before, during, and after the testing period!

Peace of Mind

Use our product with the peace of mind knowing your kitchen and living spaces will remain rodent free without the threat of toxins associated with traditional poison based rodenticides.