Where to place baiting stations at home

Look for areas behind doors and corners of rooms or behind objects blocking normal view for rodent droppings. These will be most likely to receive future rodent activity.

No-Ratz™ is also safe for usage in food preparation areas, industrial facilities producing or storing products consumables attractive to rodents.

Use No-Ratz™ to eliminate mice, rats, and other rodents who love to nest and chew on engine parts.

The Consequences of Rodent Infestation in Cars

Rodents such as mice, rats, chipmunks love to chew on your engine electrical parts. They have even been found nesting in the air filter compartment and other warm dark places under the hood.

Rest assured you will not harm your pets or others if No-Ratz™ is accidentally spilled or found by them.

You can reduce expensive damage done to engine electrical system by placing No-Ratz™ under the hood of the car you plan to keep stored in places with known rodent activity. The photo shows an actual vehicle with No-Ratz™ placed over the battery with the hood closed to protect engine from exposure. The rodent found No-Ratz™ and began consuming it and expiring before it had the chance to chew on the engine electrical system.

As you can see in the photo after the hood was popped open for inspection that the rodent had consumed, and scattered some of the ingredients while feeding.

Our testing shows that once the rodent gets a belly full it will come back once or twice before it expires away from the feeding area elsewhere.

If No-Ratz™ is placed under the hood of a vehicle being used often be sure to remove the container before starting the vehicle.

Vehicle Applications:

  1. Lift the vehicle hood
  2. Place No-Ratz™ on a flat stable surface such as on the battery below the hood with the lid opened and removed.
  3. Close the hood and optionally place a reminder on the vehicle in a visible area noting No-Ratz™ is being used to prevent forgetful drivers to drive away without removing No-Ratz™ first.
  4. Periodically inspect and replace the baiting station once all used or refill with No-Ratz™ refill pouch. Be sure to wear protective latex gloves when handling No-Ratz™ that has signs of rodent activity.
  5. Don't forget to remove No-Ratz™ before starting engine!

Targeting nuisance rodents but not others.

Do not leave any rodenticide including No-Ratz outdoors during the day time. Day time rodents such as chipmunk and squirrels can be harmed by eating them.

No-Ratz ™ usage outdoors:

1. Place the bait station outdoors at dusk. Mice and rats are nocturnal and will consume the product.

2. Move it out of reach of rodents during the day. Mice and rats take little interest in daytime feeding if fed at night.